Lord Ganesh and Fire


In Indian mythology Lord Ganesh occupies an august place as the first worshiped and the most loved  god.  He is auspicious, erudite and  destroyer of  all obstacles. One of most celebrated poet Veda Vyas while writing Mahabharata made Him his scribe on the  condition that the  poet shall never stop dictating and Lord Ganesh shall never write without understanding. Thus was forged a partnership in knowledge and wisdom the  fruits of which forms the  basis of an enduring Indian culture.

There are innumerable stories about affable Lord Ganesh that enthralls people of all ages . His  fluid form can assume any shape that becomes a subject for artist’s imagination and creativity. Dragon Ganesh is one such imaginative form conjured by the artist.

I have, through a series of my painting of Lord Ganesh, imagined him in many forms in my paintings. The present one is in the form of Lotus where petals become His clothes and leave his environment.

Dimensions – 13×11 inches





My hand-paintings are created on the finest silk from the famed silk weavers of Mysore, India. I use the Gutta Serti technique of silk painting that originated in the court of Russian Czars and was perfected by the French artists. The technique requires sketching the outlines of the design with Gutta resist, an extract from the Malaysian rubber plant, which prevents the colors from spreading and intermixing. The colors are fixed by steaming the painting for hours in steel containers through a special process. It is then dry cleaned to wash off the Gutta resist. The result is silk painting of vibrant colors with original luster of silk intact because the colors become an integral part of the silk and appear on both sides.

My hand-paintings are inspired by my deep love of nature and are an attempt to portray the beauty that exists in the world we live in.