Hand-Painted Bird of Paradise Dress


This silk dress is hand painted on pure white Charmeuse Satin silk using the French Gutta Serti technique of silk painting. Charmeuse silk lends a lustrous and vibrant look to the beautiful painting, giving a spectacular drape to the dress.

Size: M
Dimensions: Bust- 36″, Length- 35″

Please contact me directly for custom measurements.


My hand-paintings are created on the finest silk from the famed silk weavers of Mysore, India. I use the Gutta Serti technique of silk painting that originated in the court of Russian Czars and was perfected by the French artists. The technique requires sketching the outlines of the design with Gutta resist, an extract from the Malaysian rubber plant, which prevents the colors from spreading and intermixing. The colors are fixed by steaming the painting for hours in steel containers through a special process. It is then dry cleaned to wash off the Gutta resist. The result is silk painting of vibrant colors with original luster of silk intact because the colors become an integral part of the silk and appear on both sides.

My hand-paintings are inspired by my deep love of nature and are an attempt to portray the beauty that exists in the world we live in.

Care Instructions: The colors of the dress are fixed and will never run out. I recommend hand washing the dress in cold water and ironing on the lowest temperature setting or dry cleaning the dress.