About The Artist

Amrayi – Art on silk by Manisha – Exclusive hand paintings

Manisha Singh is a master silk artist with more than 20 years of experience in painting on silk.  She is a member of SPIN – Silk Painter’s International, an elite group of international silk painters. She  is one of the few in India who have achieved the excellence and expertise of professional levels

“Art on silk is my passion”. She began as an amateur, experimenting with fabric painting till she settled for silk, an absolutely unsurpassed medium for bringing  the  best out of  vibrant colors. She paints nature in its various hues.manisha

Her paintings are inspired by nature and depict a variety of themes from flowers, birds, butterflies, and underwater life to traditional Hindu icons and mythical creatures.  Her paintings are created on the finest silk chosen from silk weavers of Mysore, India.

 She uses “Gutta Serti technique” of silk painting, which had its origin in the court of Russian Czars, and was perfected by the French artists. The technique requires sketching of the outlines of the design with Gutta resist, an extract from the Malaysian rubber plant, which prevents the colors from spreading and intermixing. The colors are fixed by steaming the painting for hours in steel containers through a special process. It is then dry cleaned to wash off the Gutta. The result is silk painting of vibrant colors with original luster of silk intact because the colors become an integral part of the silk and appear on both sides.



J 18, Sector 41, NOIDA – 201303
Uttar Pradesh, India


SUNDAY: Appointment on request

Phone & WhatsApp: +91 9717461924


Silk Hand Paintings on Saatchi Art:  http://www.saatchiart.com/manishasingh
Silk Hand Paintings on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/in-en/shop/SilkPaintingManisha